Mar 242010

The route 108, 1266, 108

Total distance 126 km

Heading north out of town and its a bit smoky

Not much water in the river now and this truck is driving in it

I ride on and at Mae La Noi I take a right onto the 1266

Its getting smokier as I start to climb

At this rate I wont be able to see soon

This is getting ridiculous now

The roads barely visible

All of a sudden and visibility improves

The 2.9 km unmade section hasnt been touched since I last rode here in november

Its a much more difficult ride now as theres lots of bulldust along it and the road is treacherous in places

Back to good old asphalt

And plenty of good curves along the way

Onto the final bit of unsurfaced for 3.8 km

Then the asphalt road down into Huai Hom

As soon as I arrive the coffee goes on and I am given a mug full

I purchase 5kg for 1500 Baht to take home with me

Plus a kg of ground for the Northwest guesthouse in Mae Sariang

Time to ride back and enjoy this road on the descent

Everywhere I look I see this sight

I am approaching the smoky section again

I ride back to Mae La Noi then its a left onto the 108 back to Mae Sariang

These two are fighting over the plastic bag

The brown one wins, or loses depending on how you look at it

I try to get the bag but to no avail, the white one is happy to let me walk up and stroke the head but the brown one knows I am after the bag and runs off. From here its back to Mae Sariang to dump the coffee off

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