Mar 112011

The route 108, 1088, 1192, 1009

Total distance 241 km

It looked like more rain as I left Mae Sariang this morning but as I got a few km out of town it brightened up, now all I needed was for it to warm up as my clothes were still wet from yesterdays ride and its a bit chilly in these hills at 8.30 am

Some cloud and some mist, a pleasant view

Plus the lovely twisty 108, I notice a sign for a 7-11 at the Om Koi turning, somewhere to visit next trip

These people are waiting at the 1088 Mae Chaem turning

No fires anywhere today, I think everythings already been burnt

Some twists ahead through the haze

The 1088 is another fun twisty road

Now on the 1192

Going downhill on the 1009 I stop for a break at the stream and these lads are having a dip

I ride to the 108, turn left and on home to CNX, a dry ride today, now to get my wet things dried out and a few days rest before another short trip somewhere

I try a new restaurant tonight at N18.47.478 E098.59.599

Theres an all you can eat buffet here every friday, the menu changes each week but theres always two chicken and two vegetarian dishes on it each week

I have two jalfreizis and two butter chicken dishes, not bad at all, 200 Baht for the lot
Get the gdb file here …

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