Mar 292014

Total distance 226 km
Mae Sariang To Chiang Mai 29/3/2014-img_5257.jpg

Mae Sariang To Chiang Mai 29/3/2014-img_5258.jpg
The same as everywhere else now, not much flow in the rivers
Mae Sariang To Chiang Mai 29/3/2014-img_5259.jpg

Mae Sariang To Chiang Mai 29/3/2014-img_5260.jpg

Mae Sariang To Chiang Mai 29/3/2014-img_5261.jpg

Mae Sariang To Chiang Mai 29/3/2014-img_5262.jpg
A few new surfaced sections on the back roads between Hot and Chiang Mai
Mae Sariang To Chiang Mai 29/3/2014-img_5263.jpg
A lovely fish&chips at Riders Corner
Mae Sariang To Chiang Mai 29/3/2014-img_5264.jpg


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  1. Hi Ronan
    Just have a look through them and make your choice of what you think is best, my choice might not be your choice.

    When will you be in Thailand?



  2. Hi Colin,
    I found your excellent site while looking into what bike rides are possible up Chang mai way. I really like the photos, especially the food and dirt road sections. Your coffee trips are exactly the type of fun were after.
    My girlfriend and I are on a world cycle tour and just motorbiked manali to leh on an Enfield for fun. For a change of pace we’d like to do a motorbike tour in Thailand. My brother and best friend will be joining us making a group of 4.
    We likeId like to bring the group on a rural road tour around Chang mai with lots of exploring and dirt roads thrown in. Can you recommend a few of your rides? If yoi were willing to put a 5 day ride together we’d give you some money to fund your next Thai trip

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