Mar 232013

The route 108, 1266

Total distance 174 km

On the 1266 and its starting to look very hazy indeed over there

Plenty of fires along here since january

I take the paved turning that those towing the long pole took and it leads to Ban Kariang Mae Sa-Kua where the road finishes

These are at the Ban Kariang turning on the 1266 and yes cold water up in the hills

I take another turning off the 1266 and the surface turns to dirt at N18.35575 E098.02572

This small village is where the track finishes

Now for the third new track, its paved to start with then turns to dirt at N18.36042 E098.04153

At a crossroads the right leads to this Buddah at N18.36187 E098.03226

The left went to Ban Mae Nga at N18.37916 E098.02988

Ban Mae Nga is barely visible not long after leaving it

I ride through Ban Mae Sa Pung at N18.39941 E098.02384

Its a hot ride now alright and a good fun one too

Another village ahead

This bridge I believe is the only access to this village as I never saw any vehicles there at all, even the motorbikes were left on the other side of the river

It seemed like that plastic bottle bottom was stuck to the pigs face as it ran off with it still attached

There is no way I am walking up there on this hot day.
I leave this unknown village at N18.41720 E098.03259

I stop atop a hill in the shade for my lunch and watch this fire going up, more of this later too unfortunately

What a lovely safety barrier on that steep drop

Oh good another fire soon to be lit, probably tomorrow when I plan to explore more out this way

I ride through Mae Sapung at N18.44044 E098.04287

He clears my path and I am on my way

More ahead but I am soon on my way

An area that actually looks unburnt for a change

Next village up was Huai Pung at N18.46767 E098.03423

In the distance Huai Hom, but not the Starbucks coffee village of the same name though

Past Huai Hom and what I dont need as thats directly in my path

I ride as far as here then wait

I cant see how far until fresh air, a couple of the firestarters come along and tell me to wait and I guess nearly an hour was wasted here

Now another one on the other side

One of the locals walks up and walks through the smoke, I let him get a fair way along then decide its safe to proceed.
As I ride past him a bike comes down in the opposite direction followed by a truck with people in the back out in the open, I guess they have waited for the all clear

I certainly made the right decision in waiting as the smoke was in the air from a few fires for at least 1 km.
Having got caught in a smaller one of these last year I was in no desire to repeat the unpleasant experience

At least no more fires along here

A much more pleasant sight is water rather then fire and I was glad to return to the paved surface at N18.53754 E097.96411

A beef curry for 30 Baht at my usual

Get the gdb file here …

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