Apr 022013

The route 108, 3010

Total distance 95 km

An early start this morning as I go for a cooking lesson at the restaurant where I mainly eat here in Mae Sariang

I have a list of all the ingredients needed to recreate this dish back home in the UK and now I have been shown how to make it

Hopefully no customers suffered a dodgy stomach there today and I wasnt reported to customs for working without a work permit

A very spicy chicken curry was cooked and I had the first serving for 30 Baht.
Now with some fire in my belly its time to set off

Along the 3010 and I wonder if the Mae Sariang river gets any lower

That guy sitting up there has probably got the dustiest job of them all

While I am stopped this guy comes riding along on his new Honda MSX 125, there are a couple of these around Mae Sariang and I guess they will be a big seller

I missed this turn the other day and I take a dirt track starting at N18.20873 E098.02216

Single track now

Its a shame the new bridge isnt finished yet as I wasnt comfortable on the old one even walking across.
Unfortunately getting down into the river and riding across wasnt possible

Proper bolts on this new one

I ride to Ban Mae Um Long Noi at N18.24966 E098.03335

The school is completely deserted

Finally I find some life here, their imaginary friend has got their attention

I ride on exploring a dirt track beyond the village

Foolishly they burnt their bridge too and now only motorbikes can get along here

It turns to single track and I ride for 200 metres then turn around

Another track heading north out of the village links up with one I rode a week ago and along here there was one more turning I didnt get to try.
At first I thought it was probably only a farm access track but when I found concrete in places I thought this should go to a village

Sure enough it brings me to a small village

It sounded like the name is Ban Dong Nu at N18.25304 E098.00773

I ride back to the junction with the 3010 where there is a shelter to sit and eat my lunch.
I am totally surprised to see the Google maps car coming up here

It carries on along the 3010

Then a couple of minutes later comes back and drives down the dirt track I have just come from.
I dont know how long before its uploaded but perhaps I am shown on it

I ride towards Mae Um Pok and notice a rather large hole in the road

Riding down here in the dark with no lights wouldnt be a good idea

Mae Um Pok at N18.25754 E098.06040

Both of my GPS maps and paper maps show a track leading from Mae Um Pok to Huai Dua Nua but it looks pretty neglected

Looking through the trees and that is the track I need to get on

It looks even more unused in that shot

This is the way to get to it

Then it gets worse and just finishes

Somehow I would have to get down there and over the water, I think this track possibly doesnt get used now as when I was at the other end of it last week I noticed there it looked forgotten.
I will try it out from that end some time

A track heads south, it is wide enough to get their farm vehicles down but just overgrown at the moment and not a single track

It leads down to the river

There are two single tracks going on over but these people tell me they are dead ends

I ride back to Mae Um Pok then take a track heading NE

More of what I saw earlier but these have a lot of crops to thresh

A bit further along the track are some more houses but its still the same village name

Both of the women walked over and shook my hand

Time to ride home

Beef curry for tea for 30 Baht and more importantly no reports of any dodgy stomachs from the chicken curry earlier on which had all been eaten

Get the gdb file here …

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