Mar 202009

The route 108, 1088, 1192, 1009, 108

Total distance 242 km

The 108 out of Mae Sariang is its usual great fun road to ride

Lack of traffic and a mainly good surface add to the enjoyment but before the Mae Chaem turnoff the surface deteriorates for a while plus some road repairs here as well

I take a left onto the 1088

What a fantastic road this is too, the recent rain has extinguished all the fires that I expected to see, there wasnt any smoke at all for the entire journey which was a welcome relief

I climb a hill to get the above two pictures

I am really enjoying this fun ride along the 1088 but then tragedy struck, my camera has a malfunction and refuses to work anymore so unfortunately no more pictures of this great ride. I take it to the Sony repair centre and they want 2600 Baht to fix it so tomorrow its either get it fixed or buy a new one. A lovely meal with Ally was enjoyed at Miguels tonight but again unfortunately no pictures

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