Mar 312013

The route 108, 1270

Total distance 146 km

Dirt starts at N18.16645 E098.23128

There is the odd paved bit here and there but mostly dirt

I stop in a village at N18.19741 E098.20564 where I am told its called Dok Dang

Next stop is in Om Long at N18.20095 E098.19122.
From N18.20572 E098.19849 its a paved surface to Om Long Noi

This pick up has certainly got some customers

Looking back at Om Long

Now in Om Long Noi at N18.19946 E098.18736

Now riding on northwards

After a while the track really deteriorates getting very rough and rocky

Once past here I see no signs of life or anyone using this track for a while

The track splits, this is one way

This is the other and the one I pick, initially I marked it down as single track from here but I think its more the case of it hardly ever gets used and is overgrown but is still wide enough to get a 4WD through

Riding through the woods now on a leaf covered track with no other tyre tracks visible

I reach another track and take a right towards Mae Tho, here there are signs of occasional motorbike use but its still deserted though

Any 4WD attempting to drive along here would have plenty of obstacles to overcome

Theres a track going on up over there

My GPS says its the overgrown track to my right, I decide to ride on to the left as that looks like a more used track and should have an exit point

I guess I should have followed the GPS as I get thrown off along here, I lost a ball doing this

Fortunately it was on the KLX and not one of my own

The first sign of life for a while

As I ride down the hill a truck comes along and goes up where I have just come from

I reach the paved surface at N18.24955 E098.19148

Past here and the track is dirt from N18.24069 E098.19764 until N18.25025 E098.20307 where I join the 1270 in Mae Tho

A double portion of beef curry and rice from the market for 70 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Youre totally right Kevin, a lot of them havent got a pot to piss in but they are always happy

  2. Nice enjoyable looking, varied tracks on this ride, and the ever so rare picture of one of the Captains bikes taking a dirt nap. Air is looking cleaner too.
    I tell you, here no one similes and has so much; there, no matter what the villagers are so often smiling……..

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