Nov 182009

The route 109, 1099, 108

Total distance 381 km

While I was waiting for my tyres to be fitted I took a walk around the market and decided to have a spicy native breakfast for a change, quite enjoyable it was too. I picked the bike up with two new tyres plus new brake pads front and rear and the bill was only 2870 baht. A point to remember for anyone riding a locally made bike is apart from the rear tyre which was ordered from CNX on monday morning and arrived on tuesday, the front tyre plus the brake pads were on the shelf at the Castrol Bike Point, these places do more than simply change oil

I took the 108 towards Hot for 65 km then took a right onto the 1099

This is a good surface and a fun road all the way to Om Koi

At Om Koi I stay on the 1099 for Mae Tuen, the road is a bit narrower now but still a very good surface

Its quite a way before I get the chance to get some scenery shots as I am riding amongst the trees

Its turned into a cold windy day up here in the hills

As I descend towards Mae Tuen the wind drops and the temperature picks right up

A well broken bridge here

I dont think that this is the bridge that I photograped two years ago with a section missing

A very nice house indeed

Time to ride back now as its getting late

A short section about twenty five km before Mae Tuen where there were some potholes was the only blemish along this pleasant road

Back at Om Koi and there were lots of people fishing at this small reservoir. A good trip today but with hindsight I should have left it for a day when I could get an early start, I didnt get away until 11am and this is a long trip which I finished at 18.30 in the dark. I will do this trip again in march and hopefully get longer to explore Mae Tuen, plus there were a few roads going off in places as well

A chicken steak at Northwest guesthouse tonight

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