Nov 152009

The route 1194

Total distance 108 km

The riders, Jan Yamaha Nouvo 135 and myself Honda Phantom 200

Along the 1194 and the workers are busy toiling in the fields

Looks like were both taking a picture at the same time

A good surface to start with but it badly deteriorates further on

Jan isnt sure which bike she prefers

This fella doesnt want to move

A few places where the road has washed out

Jans not over keen on the many potholes

The Salawin shot at Mae Sam Laep where we stop for lunch

We could hardly see this woman through the smoke as she fried banana slices

Friendly playful pups

We ride on past Mae Sam Laep and when the surface finishes its two kms of dirt to get to this point where I always ride to

It will be a few metres lower than this when I return in late march

I seldom ever see anybody here but today there was a truck full of forestry rangers plus a few lorries. They told us it wasnt safe to be there and that we should move on, the fact that one of the lorries had a steel winch rope going down to the river suggested to me that it was probably more the case that they didnt want us to see what was going on. The lorries there all looked like they were used for hauling timber so I imagine a bit of illegal logging was going on

Hopefully the people on the boat didnt witness anything that they shouldnt have

This chicken was very inquisitive

Time to ride back now

A friendly lad along the way

The Sawadee was closed tonight so I ate at the Northwest guesthouse, a pork steak and fries for 120 Baht

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