Apr 012013

The route 1194, 4018

Total distance 93 km

Dirt starts and finishes at N18.18791 E097.89960

Its mainly riding in the trees so not much scenery to photo

A lot of bulldust along here today and I am glad the truck is not going in my direction

I didnt remember seeing that sign before and I might explore that single track if I return this way and I have time

I reach Mae Kon Tai, my track differs slightly on this trip as they have cut out a new track in places, covering the old one up

I ride on through the water but probably only go about another 500 metres before I change into walking attire and explore ahead on foot

It looks like a single track goes on

I slipped on an algae covered rock and nearly went arse over head, riding through this is not my idea of fun.
I was told back in the village this goes to the Salawin, it probably does flow into it but I have no interest in riding along a riverbed

Time to ride back

I decide to explore the single track thinking it will be a waste of time but as I will probably never ride out along this track again its best to try it now

Someone works along here but I see no signs of anyone

Finally as I descend life is spotted

To my surprise there is a small village here that can only be reached by motorbike

Mae Kon Nua I think was what was said at N18.24452 E097.78583

Solar power, a river, motorbikes, cattle, pigs and chickens here

I left the bike on the other side of the river and as I prepare to depart a group walk over to say goodbye

Now to ride back home

Chicken curry 30 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Hello Abe

    I am in Chiang Mai now


  2. Hi, I like to join you nest time at Thailand.Pls detail to me when you are coming to Thailand.Lots of thing has to learn from you about adventure.

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