Mar 282013

The route 108, 4014, 3010

Total distance 100 km

Wat Pa Dhammanimit at N18.16751 E098.07540

Dirt starts at N18.16722 E098.07735 and the first village I ride through is La Li at N18.19624 E098.10649

Mae Lit Noi at N18.20602 E098.12742

Mae La at N18.22527 E098.12338

Settlement at N18.22868 E098.11997

Plenty of already burnt stuff again

Settlement at N18.24630 E098.12351

Mae Pun Tai at N18.25005 E098.12769

Settlement at N18.26283 E098.11729

I take a left to ride to a settlement at N18.25724 E098.11063

It was a steep descent into the settlement and I was pointed towards going back via this single track, I decide to walk it first in case its not good but it turned out okay and it brought me out a bit further along the double track.

Huai Dua Nua at N18.26910 E098.09800

Settlement at N18.26381 E098.09233

Huai Dua Tai at N18.25087 E098.09164

Settlement at N18.23215 E098.06412

I reach the paved surface at N18.22343 E098.05075 then first ride to Ban Pha Kluay to retrieve the lost track data from two days ago

Then onto Rai Lo

Back on the 3010 I meet the ice cream man that I saw in the Pa Pae area a few days ago, I ride to the confluence of the Mae Sariang/Nam Mae Om Long to completely recover the lost data

Beef curry 30 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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