Nov 162009

The route 108, 4085, 3005, 108

total distance 146 km

As I have covered 48000 km it was time for an oil change, I have never used one of these Castrol bike points before but seen them around, 120 baht for a litre of Castrol 10/40 motorcycle oil. The funny thing is I was told that there were no tyres for my bike in Mae Sariang but here they have a front one, the rear should arrive tomorrow from CNX, 2450 Baht for the pair including fitment, the repair shop up the road wanted 3900 baht for the same tyres

I was told that there was a second 7-11 in Mae Sariang but its just around the corner from the other one, a long way from where I stay. There is now this third one at the PTT opposite the bus station, a couple of minutes walk away

I set off along the 108 towards Hot and after about fifteen km theres a temporary wooden bridge where the road has washed away plus a narrow rough road

Where the road used to be

Pieces of tarmac a long way down

About forty km out of town and I take a right onto the 4085

The road surface leaves a lot to be desired but these trips are about the scenery anyway and that cant be faulted

Just past Bo Sali on the way to Kong Koi and they are still working on the concrete road for a small section

This is the first time that I have noticed straw being used to keep the sun off something

Everyone was working hard apart from this layabout

I ride over the river and into Kong Koi, plenty of water in it now

I take a left and ride up to the ridgeline on a road thats not on my MHS loop map

Even though its only mid november its still not as clear as I was expecting

I ride into an unknown village

You need to grow a bit son before those shoes will fit

This village is the end of the road so its back the way I came

I take a left onto a road thats still being concreted in sections that leads to Kong Prae Tai

The roads obviously the most comfortable place to be

A bit further on outside the village I meet this friendly fellow, and thankfully managed to avoid running him over

Hopefully this is the only contact he has with my motorbike

Just what we dont need, a fire. Another good fun ride along these narrow winding scenic roads in the hills, I ride back to the 108, turn left and ride to Mae Sariang

I was told there was a Fondue buffet close to the 7-11 thats not at a PTT station and yes its just down the hill about fifty metres from it, 99 Baht for as much as you want including ice cream

Made a change from chips with everything at my other eateries here, unfortunately theres no pizzas available here, have to wait until Mae Sot for that

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