Dec 222009

The route 108, 1263, 1192, 1009, 108

Total distance 316 km

Todays route needs no introduction, some of our favourite roads. I picked this way back as it covers the best roads between the two places

It was a rather cold start but once near Khun Yuam it had nicely warmed up

Some of the 108s many great bends

Just the other side of Khun Yuam and its a right onto the 1263

It doesnt take long for this road to get into the swing of things

Apart from the bends theres also the stunning scenery along the way

At height it was rather chilly for quite a way

I have ridden along here countless times but its a road that I will never tire of

A nice new bit, funnily enough I meet a guy on a scooter who is complaining about the upkeep of this road. I dont know what sort of roads he is used to riding on if he feels like that

Going through Mae Chaem I see another 7-11 is getting ready to open, it never ceases to amaze me the amount of places that dont have a 7-11 for years and then as soon as one opens they quickly open more

The other side of Mae Chaem and its a left onto the 1192

The 1192 is just one long bend

Hairpins, S bends and twisties, this brilliant road has it all

The Mae Pan waterfall can be seen still flowing strongly

Nearly to the 1009 where I turn right and ride down to Chom Thong where its a left and on to Chiang Mai. Tomorrow I am going to have a day off, I have a few things to do which include getting the bike washed. You notice that I said getting the bike washed not giving the bike a wash

I go to Pinkys Buffalo Wings+Sports Bar for another of their lovely burgers tonight, its 165 Baht but I am given a discount so its only 80 Baht. I guess that was for giving them some promotion and getting them some more custom as I hear that Moto-Rex has been in there

The Mississippi Bayou Burger was tonights choice and a dam fine burger it was too

Walking to the internet cafe and this rat starts shrieking as I go by making me jump

It appears to be stuck in the bag by its back leg but sod touching it, I get a stick and attempt tp free it but the little bugger just keeps on biting the stick and in the end I give up, just when a snake would solve the problem theres not one around

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