Mar 302013

The route 108

Total distance 125 km

Dirt starts and finishes today At N18.14646 E098.16279

The poor dog appears to be in a bit of discomfort

Huai Na at N18.17997 E098.15250

It was noticeably cooler with more breeze leaving Mae Sariang this morning and now up high its really blowing hard and those flags are really flapping around

A small side track turns into a field access track

A Wat at the edge of the next village

Unknown village at N18.19063 E098.14935

Now to ride towards Mae Lit to link up with where I had to turn back yesterday because of the fire

Its all burnt out today and I make the link up then turn around to explore in the other direction

Riding on and another fire but this one isnt in my path so no problem there

This track turns into a dead end so this isnt the way through to Mae Tho

I try another track but that too is just an access track, I will try again tomorrow coming down from the Mae Tho end

Sut Huai Na at N18.17068 E098.15040

This young lady spoke very good English and said if I am in town again I am welcome to visit her parents house, very nice of her

Pa Chang at N18.17282 E098.14216

A couple of tracks go on beyond the village

A dead end at fields of cabbages

The other one turns to single track at these cabbage fields

Riding back through Pa Chang and this mornings wind has vanished and its another very hot day

I start another track but this is the better surface of it and I cant imagine it leads to a village or anything and turn back

A stir fried chicken and ginger for 75 Baht at Intira restaurant tonight as my usual eatery was closed today.
This was a very bland meal which was disappointing as I had heard good recommendations about them, I wont be eating here again on the strength of this rubbish

Get the gdb file here …

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