Apr 232009

The route 108, 1266, 108, 1194

Total distance 226 km

It was the 108 to Mae La Noi then a right onto the 1266 which is now asphalt for the first 16km. I was pleased to see this machine hopefully working on the eventual asphalting of the entire section

I reach Huai Hom and the house where I buy the coffee from is closed, I am told the Woman will come back at 12 but as its only 10.30 I go for a walk around the village

I eventually find her, shes the one with the purple hat on

Then off we trot to her house

I tell them I want 2kg of ground coffee and 5kg of whole beans, its then discovered that they only have 1kg of whole beans and I will have to wait while they roast some more

The roasting machine gets lit and about thirty minutes later its hot enough to put the beans in

After thirty minutes they are cooked and I then have to wait for them to cool down before they can be put in polythene bags

A view from the window of the house, finally 2200 Baht poorer and 7kg heavier I get away

Time to ride back, its still the same stony ride to start with and occasionally a short asphalt surface, then 16 km of asphalt back to the 108

I could hear someone hard at work as I stopped for these photos, he was happy to pose for the photo

I ride back to Mae Sariang, drop the coffee off, by now its 15.30, then ride to Mae Sam Laep to view the Salawin river

Again not as low as I expected it to be, with signs of a recent higher level

In the wet season this river is 10-15 metres higher going by marks on the sand

Chicken steak fries and onions tonight for 150 Baht as there was extra fries from last nights meal, still at North West Guest House

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