Nov 172009

The route 108, 1266, 108

Total distance 129 km

Along the 108 and about one km before Mae La Noi the road was blocked as this pick up was being pulled up from down the bank

Its quite a way down and it takes a while to winch it out

The tree proved quite useful for the winch

Finally its pulled up minus one of its back wheels, apparently the driver survived

At Mae La Noi I take a right onto the 1266 and ride straight to Huai Hom, the nice piece of tarmac that leads into the village

Some coffee beans drying, a cup of coffee was consumed, 4.5kgs of coffee beans were purchased and I was off

A view from the top of the hill coming out of Huai Hom

Its now an unsurfaced road for 3.6km

But the view is excellent

It isnt the worst surface in the world but when the roads finally tarmac all the way it will be a much more enjoyable ride

I ride into La Up for a look around

Quite a few piglets running around here

On the way back and its a good tarmac surface again

There is another 2.8 unmade section which is quite rough in places and hopefully next trip in march it will be being prepared for surfacing

A pleasant days trip up here as always, I ride back to the 108, turn left onto it and ride home

A pasta with pork tonight at the Northwest guesthouse for the tidy sum of 80 baht, filling and tasty too

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