Mar 292013

The route 108, 4014

Total distance 109 km

I take the 108 out eastwards then take a left onto an unpaved track at N18.14646 E098.16279

She doesnt look too steady on that bike

I ride through Mae Lit

Mae Lit Luang Tai at N18.19199 E098.13735

I ride on through the village along this dirt track

This looks like pretty much the end of the line

Although this single track does go on further

Back behind the village someone has got a fire going already

Single track starts at N18.19858 E098.13443

It brings me out in Mae Lit Noi

I ride the single track back again as I want to explore another track from Mae Lit Luang Tai

The track I want to ride is very close to that fire

I set off on the track but its looking smokey in the distance

I leave the bike a bit further back and walk up towards the fire

I have no way of knowing how far the fire is burning for and its a bit too smokey for my liking

The fire seems to gain momentum and the incredible heat this far away is amazing

The track is barely visible now, I cant be bothered waiting around here for the smoke to disappear so I walk back to the bike

A pick up truck comes along and drives through it but I have no desire to follow and ride back home, dirt finishes at N18.16722 E098.07735

A double portion of beef curry and rice from the market 70 Baht

A sticky rice delicacy 10 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Hi Colin,
    Thank you for providing these nice trip reports, pix and tracks. You are making a great contribution to the mapping of Thailand in OSM.
    I think there are one or two sealed roads in this area that you haven’t ridden yet. At least that’s what it looks like on Bing and GMaps.
    Take a look at what has been mapped so far!
    Yesterday I left a comment here, but when I hit the submit button it vanished.

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