Mar 222013

The route 108, 3010

Total distance 116 km

What a contrast between Mae Sariang and Chiang Mais night time temperatures.
In Chiang Mai the fan was on all night to cool the room and I wasnt putting a blanket on to keep warm, here in Mae Sariang the fan isnt needed but a thick quilt to keep warm at night is

I head east out of town for a couple of km then take a left onto an unnumbered road to ride past the hot springs and reach the 3010

The confluence of the Mae Sariang/Mae Om Long rivers

Now along the 3010 and despite a cold start it has very quickly warmed up

Some good twisty curves along the 3010, the surface alternates between dirt and paved as always.

As I begin to climb it gets a bit clearer

Fuel is available in Pa Pae no problem

I explore a new track for me through Pa Pae and dirt starts at N18.28661 E098.05458

Lots of firewood stored along here

I ride through Ban Hak Mai Klang at N18.30285 E098.07883

A useful bit of shade for a short water and photo break, this hot weather has certainly got my water consumption up, I was drinking 4.5 litres per day now its 7.5 litres per day

It was hard to believe how cold that water was

I recognise that man from out on dirt tracks in Umphang and then Kanchanaburi, hes the ice cream man.
I relieve him of a couple and he sets off, its certainly a rough bumpy old track the way hes going

Dirt finishes at N18.29182 E098.09175 and I ride through Ban Huai Hak Mai Tai.
Dirt starts again At N18.28668 E098.09373 as I reach the 3010, I have given the co-ordinates before as to where the 3010 is dirt or paved

At N18.25874 E098.04955 I take a dirt track heading west

There has been a lot of burning here and that smoke sure makes the eyes run a bit

I stop in Ban Mae Um Long Luang at N18.26413 E098.02273, home of this gorgeous photogenic 19 year old by the name of Fern

I ride on through the village and theres a nice big fire ahead, thankfully not in my path though

This wonky bridge that I ride across is the end of the line, there are a few homes here at N18.27444 E098.01286

Back in Ferns village the ice cream man has turned up after doing the same route as me but in reverse

Riding back and instead of taking the dirt track past the hot springs I stay on the paved section of the 3010 back to the 108.
For 3 km of this terrible road I reckon it would be smoother on the dirt as its just a non stop pot holed mess

Back on the 108 heading into Mae Sariang and its more problems from the burning

This burning tree has taken some wires down with it

Friday night its market night

My usual eatery is closed as they are selling food here

A chicken curry, beef curry and rice for 70 Baht


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