Apr 032013

The route 108, 3010

Total distance 93 km

I stop on the 3010 close to Pa Pae and parked here in the shade its quite breezy

I find one new village today at N18.28743 E098.09996 I believe it to be Ban Kai Dan

A very conviently placed shelter at the crossroads where I stop for lunch

Running water too, not that I was in need of any

I take the track heading south that will take me to Huai Dua Nua

I see a fire in the distance but I am not going that way

Past Huai Dua Nua and I find the start of the track that supposedly links to Mae Um Pok

This was the view I got of it last week when out riding in this area and I thought to myself at the time that it didnt look too promising and not used

At N18.25698 E098.08380 I park up as the double track finishes

This is what goes on

Then a narrow deep rut

This is a steep downward descent that I am not trying out as there were jumps in it that might have been impossible to get back up.
This track shows on both of my GPS maps and on a paper map but there is absolutely no sign of it being used either on foot or by motorbike, tellingly no litter, beer bottles or rubbish thrown about.
I would designate it a goat track if I could see any hoof marks but I guess even the goats fear to tread here.
Perhaps someone will prove me wrong and ride through to Mae Um Pok but until they do as far as I am concerned there is no rideable track here and as I mentioned in yesterdays trip report finding the other end is not easy either.
It would be interesting to find out from whoever mapped it what they thought of it at the time

Now to ride home the way I got here apart from back at the crossroads where I went straight across which brought me out in Ban Kai Dan

A lot of the locals are complaining about the heat lately and these two were no exception, me I am enjoying it, its what I come out here for, not to be shivering

Well I found one new village today and crossed off another road on the to ride list, all new stuff today was dirt

Market night in Mae Sariang again, three nights a week here in different streets

A double portion of chicken curry and rice 70 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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