Nov 192009

The route 108, 1266, 4006, off road, 1270, 108

Total distance 174 km

I took the 108 to Mae La Noi then took a right onto the 1266

The 2.8km rough section

Twenty five km from the 108 and I take a right onto the 4006 to Ban Dong and a new road for me

A good tarmac road

The scenery is stunning as usual

An inquisitive friendly dog just before Ban Dong

In Ban Dong I take a right to go to the Royal Project Development Centre and meet an even friendlier dog here

A lot of beans there drying

The kids were playing netball, the one holding the basket changed every time the ball went in it

The tarmac runs for about 5.5km

Then the off road adventure begins

I am riding along on the top of the world having a great time, the roads not too bad most of the time to start with

Now and again theres the odd piece of concrete road

But usually only the two strips

I come to a fork in the road, on the gt-rider map I am heading for Santitham and these good folks point me to the right fork, so on I go

Total roadblock here, but obligingly they pull over to let me pass

I come to another fork and this time theres no one to ask, I take the left and about 1km later meet someone. I took the wrong fork so its back the way I came to take what was the right fork

Now its a bit of mud but with my new tyres on the Phantoms unstoppable

I am back to a very hard and rocky surface now, its not easy going at all

All of a sudden and its a nice concrete road

And it goes along the ridge, having a decent surface to ride on is a pleasant change, the scenery doesnt change though thankfully

A bit of a washout here

2km later the concrete road finishes at a t junction, I take a left to ride into Santitham for a snack

Then its back to unmade again and like this until Mae Aep

Finally after 38km of off road I am back on tarmac again as I reach the 1270

Some good twisty sections along this road

Mostly the 1270 is like this but there are some places where the surface isnt so good

After 23km I reach the 108 and turn right onto it to ride back to Mae Sariang

I noticed this wet patch on the road when I went to Bo Sali a few days ago, as there was a car parked there I assumed they had a radiator leak, I noticed it there again yesterday coming back from Om Koi. Today its there again and I have time to stop, I guess its water seeping up through the road surface as nothings overflowing to cause it.

Todays trip was a good day loop out from Mae Sariang on some roads that I hadnt ridden before, this trip is definitely more suited to a dual purpose bike though

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