Jan 042008
I took the same route as on 1st januarys report but this time didnt miss the turning, 23 kms after getting on the 2031 there is a turning on the left which goes to Khuntan Railway Station and the National Park, its just before a sharp left hand corner

This is the sign to look for but its only visible if you are coming from the highway 11 direction and theres no road number either

There are just a few potholes for the first couple of kms then a good surface

The road really narrows for a couple of kms before the train station

Then it quickly climbs with some hairpin bends

Its still so very green in lots of places out here and quite cool in the shade

A very nice road with good scenery too, there are a few places with some loose gravel but not too much, take care thats all

Lots of these nice twisty bits really make this an enjoyably ride today

The road narrows again for a while but still good fun, I hardly saw any traffic on this road

You just cant loose the twists on this road, not too many straights along here

I eventually emerge onto highway 11 about 70 kms south of Chiang Mai and head home along it, the exciting ride is over but well worth it

These are pictures from my walk down the Khuntan tunnel

I am not too far in and this is looking back at the station end

This is looking at the far end

No this is not a picture of the moon, its the headlight of an approaching train

This one is the direction the train is going, although the tunnel seems lit from the trains light the camera doesnt appear to pick it up

The train has passed me and this is the rear view of it, I can see it okay but it seems the camera doesnt register the light

Another one of the train disappearing

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