Nov 032009

I retrieved my Phantom from its six month holiday this morning, a bit of running around getting the tax and insurance then there was a couple of hours to spare so a quick trip up the 118 just past Doi Saket to the Mae Kuang Reservoir finished the afternoon off

How lush and green it is now

How it looked on my last visit on 27th april

The water level hasnt really risen a lot in the last six months, maybe Chiang Mai hasnt had much rain this wet season

27th april

Its clear and a nice fresh breeze up here today

Its a pleasant walk along the top of the dam to the overflow

This water can only be from rainfall as the dams nowhere near capacity

I was thinking its perhaps 20 metres below capacity and yet I believe that this was the one that overflowed causing problems only about three years ago

Time to walk back and head home

Its a chicken Jalfreizi at the New Delhi tonight, the best Indian food that I have eaten in the last six months since I last ate here

Then its a wander down to the Ping river to see some of the Loy Krathong festival

A decent sized lantern there

One gets stuck in a tree but refuses to catch fire

That ones got to be the biggest lantern that I have ever seen, and only 60 Baht too

One that did burst into flames after getting caught in a tree

Off she flies

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