Apr 272009

The route 118, 121, 1001

Total distance 220 km

I took the 118 to just past Doi Saket then took a left to go and look at the Mae Kuang reservoir

Its getting well low now

I rode back towards Chiang Mai then took a right onto the 121 then a right onto the 1001 and along here theres quite a few of these beautiful trees in bloom

It certainly makes the journey a bit more colourful

The 1001 was its usual good fun ride

Looking down from the Mae Ngat reservoir

The Mae Ngat reservoir is also getting a lot lower than last visit

Then it was onto the far side of the Mae Kuang reservoir, lower water but a lot less hazier than last visit

Chicken breast in red wine sauce and fries tonight at the Bier Stube for 140 baht, mine was 180 Baht as I had extra fries

BobS, North, Kevin, Ally and myself eat here tonight

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