Nov 202007
It was straight down the 108 to Khun Yuam and then a left onto the 1263, I encountered a couple of showers on the way but nothing heavy and then it was the left turn to see the sunflowers

I made sure it wasnt the weekend when I went as I imagine it would be bedlam up there then

The amazing views from up here are fabulous

I am now back on the 1263 and heading for Mae Chaem

Last holiday there was a long section of dusty riding and a hard compacted surface, thats all finished now and a nice new shiny black road is in its place

Even this older section of road is still in good condition and only one little piece of road is missing on the whole journey

I stop here for a break and marvel at the lack of other vehicles on the road

Its starting to look a bit cloudier in the distance

Its not worth taking many photos up here today, the ride got decisively cold as I started the climb up to here

I have never seen it this foggy here before and I am looking forward to going down as I am getting cold. The rest of the journey was uneventful and it quickly warmed up over the next 10 kim but it was raining quite heavily on the way to Chiang Mai from about 45 km out of town for quite a while

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