Feb 082008

I took the 1095 out of Mae Hong Son, all the bridge repair work is finished between here and Pai with just a few lines still to be painted on the road

This nice new section was not here last time I rode this way

Its one fine piece of road now from MHS to Pai

I havent rode between Pai and the 107 for over two years now and I am pleased to say the surface is much better than last trip

Another road that doesnt straighten out

Between Pai and the 107 there are a couple of long sections being improved so be careful as theres a fair bit of loose grit around. Upon reaching the 107 I turn left and ride to Chiang Dao, I was pleased to be able to finish my journey on tarmac, whilst the roadworks are still going on I did not have to ride on any dust or gravel surfaces.

At Chiang Dao I had a great meal as usual at Mon&Kurts restaurant but unfortunately they were full so I could not stay there but the Piengdao guest house had a room for 150 Baht so its there for a night

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  1. I’m not sure if you are aware, but if you make the trip from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son via Pai (The ten thousand corners route) you can get a certificate and bumper sticker from the TTT office in Mae Hong Son. They charge you for it but it is nevertheless a nice memento of the trip.

    I’ve made this trip three times. Once by car and twice by push bike!

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