Feb 122013

The route 4010, 1016, 1098, 4014, 1020, 1021, 1148, 1080

Total distance 311 km

A mix of old and new surface along the 1098

A pleasing bit of colour in places

Along the 1148 and the haze is well set in now

Its certainly not a cold ride today

I stopped at a shop for refreshments and this lady spent the whole time sharpening that up.
From here its a straight ride into Nan

Upon arriving in Nan I go straight to Tonys Place, this was the kitchen last visit

And this was the restaurant, now completely gone.
Tony has moved to a new location somewhere near to the Nan Guest House and hopes to reopen by friday.
I will try to locate it tomorrow

A vegetarian pizza at the Nan Steak house for 165 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Yes I stayed at Davids place for four nights.

    I went out on two day trips, one with David and one with C R Saddlebags but I didnt do a trip report

  2. Hi Colin, did you take a break in Mae Chan?
    I missed my reports.

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