Feb 072011

The route 14

Total distance 231 km

After a few pleasant days in Kuantan it was time to head north, I took the inland 14 rather than the coastal 3 and it soon turned into a pleasant journey

The water level in the river from the recent rains has really subsided now

A fantastic road and splendid scenery

I stop in Bukit Besi for breakfast at N04.45.330 E103.11.706 and this ayam masak merah was a very delicious meal indeed for 35 Baht

This bus shelter looks like its seen better days

Some friendly locals who lived opposite, from here I ride on to my destination

As I get to my destination the owner and his family are outside

N05.19.741 E103.07.521

My LP book says this place represents old style fishing village life and dont come here if you dont mind roughing it a bit

It looks a bit old

The beautiful views here are totally the opposite to the modern concrete buildings

Theres a kitchen here if you wish to do your own cooking, Tony, another English guy lives here working on the place

Dormitory rooms are 100 Baht, as I am the only other person staying here I take the dormitory

With shared toilet/shower, yes that hole in the floor is the toilet, this reminds me of trekking in the jungle back in the early 90s

Private rooms are 300 Baht

With your own private toilet hole

Plus shower

The Pama Cafe at N05.19.948 E103.08.305 is tonights eating place, Indian Muslim food here

I start off with an oyster chicken and rice

Then have a portion of gravy chicken, this was one spicy delicious curry, total bill 75 Baht.
Get the gdb file here …

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