Feb 042011

The route 183, 3, 82, C108, C130, C8, 10, 2

Total distance 345 km

I took the 183 and 3 south to Pekan then here I took a right onto the 82 to ride alongside the river

A high fast flowing river thats nearly up to the roads level

I guess theres a very good reason why those houses are elevated

The above two houses need a boat to reach them

As I stop for a photo these two gents come along and stop to see if I am okay, they are taking a holiday here from Singapore where they live, we chat about how pleasant it is riding in Malaysia then they ride off

I take a right onto the C 108, theres some twists along this road

Oh dear theres a puddle in the road, a Merc had just gone through and conked out but all the other vehicles made it okay

I watch a couple of vehicles both 2 and 4 wheeled ones come through and estimate it to be about 40 cm at its deepest point, it was my turn next and the Phantom went straight through it no problem at all, I didnt stop for a photo as the exhaust was under water and if the silencer filled up it might not have started until it drained out and it would have been a long push

I am amazed that this bridge hasnt got a lot of fast flowing water beneath it

The culprit of the flooded road

All of a sudden this road turns into a beauty

Definitely the find of the day

Great scenery along here

This road is well worth riding

The roads back down to nearly the river level again but thankfully no more submerged road

On the 10 now and a decent section of curves

Just before Temerloh I turn onto the 2 to ride home

Looking down at the old bridge

Further along the 2 and todays football match has been called off

The Referee has just inspected the pitch and said its too waterlogged to play on

The 2 is mostly a pleasant ride back to Kuantan and with scenery like this to look at no complaints from me

Walking through Kuantan I see this

Street food tonight at N03.48.411 E103.19.473

The cooks at work, this is Muslim street/fast food, call it what you will

20 Baht for these burgers, not bad and I manage to eat five, 100 Baht and I am full

These guys have a selection of desserts too, this is a pudding tauhu, coconut milk with pineapple, quite nice too and only 15 Baht.
Get the gdb file here …

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