Feb 052011

The route 2, C 123, 1553, C 143, 64

Total distance 348 km

A shot from along the 2 on another dry warm morning

The water has subsided and the football pitch is now not submerged anymore, a few days of this hot sunshine and that grass should be nice and green

My bike is due for an oil change but because of the Chinese new year the bike shops are closed, this little shop is open so I get it done here.
It seems to be the same policy as in Thailand, pay for the oil and its changed for free, 130 Baht was handed over and off I rode with 1 litre of Petronas 20/40 motorcycle oil in the Phantom

I take a right onto the C 123 and along here these lads and their father are collecting food

Rubber plantations along here

Whichever way you look you can have any colour you like as long as its green

Now the trees that I am used to seeing all over Malaysia

Now on the C 143, its a very hot day now, those two guys on bikes that I met yesterday said the weather forecast was good for the next couple of days, hopefully it stays like this

Going by the muddy leaves this river has dropped 3-4 metres in the last few days

I turn right onto the 64 and this road soon turns out to be the find of the day

This is one twisty road for a long way

I completely forgot to mark this on the gps so all I can say is its along the 64

Further along and its wash the car and go for a bathe time

From here I carry on along the 64 until I reach the 2 where I turn left and ride home

Street food again tonight, starting off by the river at N03.48.097 E103.19.495

I dont fancy that egg one

I have a chicken and salad Roti John for 25 Baht

Then its up the road to some more stalls starting at N03.48.456 E103.19.465 and a chicken gulai here with rice for 40 Baht, delicious

A chicken roti kebab here for 20 Baht followed by a piece of fried chicken for 25 Baht

These look like doughnuts but they are not, they are made from beanpaste , I was given one to try but definitely not to my taste buds

At another stall the real thing, 6 doughnuts for 20 Baht, so after a selection and 130 Baht I was stuffed and time to go

Lemonade and made here too, not quite the same as what we have in the UK but not bad.
Get the gdb file here …

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