Feb 062011

The route C 13, 3, C 106, C 21, C 133, 2, C 23, C 130, C 108, 82

Total distance 399 km

I took the c 13 then the 3 south to Pekan then took a right onto the C 106

My Malaysian counterpart inspecting his bricklaying

I tried lifting one of these up and couldnt believe how heavy they are

I am riding along the north side of the Sungai Pahang river and two days ago I wouldnt have got through here as its gone down a good metre since then

This poor fella has been hit by a vehicle and is dying

I have no idea what it is and dont remember seeing one before

The road is now turning into a beauty

The mighty Sungai Pahang

I stop in Maran for breakfast here at N.03.34.921 E102.46.522

A Muslim chicken curry and rice for 45 Baht

While I am eating I get a friendly visitor, but puss doesnt get to stay there long, the owner comes along and puss is picked up by the scruff of the neck and unceremoniously booted out the door

Along the C 133 I see this lizard

This one doesnt run off upon spotting me

Another pleasant road, theres a lot of side roads out here that need exploring, many more than are shown on my paper map and even the gps doesnt show them all

A bit of road subsidence here

At Chenor I cross over the Sungai Pahang to ride back along the south bank of it

I stop at a shop and chat to the owner of this bike

A Malaysian make that I have not heard of before, its a 150 cc bike as is the Kawasaki KLX sold here

Oil cooler fitted as standard

90.000 Baht

The Colonel finally seduces me tonight and its a KFC for dinner, 140 Baht and I dont know why but the flavour was different to Thailands KFC, it tastes better here.
Get the gdb file here …

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