Feb 082011

The route 3, T 11, T 137, 1744, 8, T 139, T 9

Total distance 428 km

Early this morning and this old iron barge was chugging up river, a nice view from my accommodation

It was a bit cloudy this morning resulting in not so good visibility plus as I started to climb it was quite cold

The sky clears and its now great scenery and a good twisty road

The large Tasik Kenyir

This is one great road now

Apart from where its slightly sunk

Further on and it really has sunk

Another pothole

Thankfully this one is cordoned off

A few rollercoasters along here

There is a section of a lot of potholes and very large loose stones filling up holes which were a bit treacherous, on the way back there was a roller making things a bit more compact and safer

I reach Gua Musang and eat here at N04.52.538 E101.57.749

I have an ayam masak merah for 50 Baht but it wasnt a patch on the one I had yesterday which was fantastic

Its a long ride out to here and no time to explore any further so its basically back the way I came apart from a detour on an unnumbered road that links back up with the main road

Riding back is just more of the same

Back in Kuala Terengganu I eat at a food stall at the Mydin supermarket, the food stall is at N05.18.637 E103.07.798

I order two pieces of Tandoori chicken and a garlic naan, I get given two naans and eventually order another piece of chicken, 250 Baht in all and was I stuffed, it was a struggle to get an ice cream down afterwards.
Get the gdb file here …

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