Feb 102011

The route 8, D228, 66, 4, 129, 3

Total distance 310 km

At my guest house this morning and nice to see that some take their childrens safety seriously by making them wear a crash helmet

Out along the 8 and there are other things grown in Malaysia besides palm trees

Once I am quite a few km out of town the road and the scenery improves

That mixer doesnt look like its been used for a long time

I stop for breakfast at N05.18.477 E102.16.776, and here I make a bad mistake and learn a valuable lesson

I ask for my favourite meal of ayam masak merah but there is none in the pots and the lady goes off to the kitchen, I assume there is a pot of it in there but to my horror she quickly cooks one from boneless chicken in a wok, recipes suggest it takes about an hour to cook it properly
To rub salt in a wound when it arrives at my table its covered in that green shyte (coriander) after picking that off I eat it despite it having about as much flavour as cardboard, definitely the worst meal that I have eaten in Malaysia and the only time that I have ever seen coriander put on a meal, I thought that that was just an abnormality from north of the border.
From now on if its not already cooked and sitting in a pot waiting to be served I wont ask for it, only 50 Baht for the meal though.
Perhaps Karma will happen to the cook and I will get to cook a meal for her one day and then she will find a nice juicy rasher of bacon on top of her meal as punishment for putting coriander on mine

The water levels are much lower along here now but I do get a slight shower now and then, thankfully not too much though

I take a right onto the D228 according to my gps but 66 according to the signposts

This is a nice twisty road

Good scenery but the slight rain spoils the view a bit

On maximum zoom the waterfall in the distance

I cross the railway line and its only a diesel line out this way compared to the electric line down the west coast

I guess that I am fortunate to see a train as theres not many out here

A closer shot of the waterfall

Well today I certainly am getting my kicks on route 66

When I rode along this stretch nearly two weeks ago I was drenched but today I stay dry, this would look even more stunning on a sunny day

Todays photo

The same one from 11 days ago


11 days ago

I ride along the lovely 66 to Jeli and from here back to Kota Bharu its nothing special at all.
Kota Bharu is a nice enough place to stay in but the roads in and out of it are traffic packed rather than fun packed ones

This place at N06.07.774 E102.14.452 is my eatery tonight

For obvious reasons,

The happy smiling staff

Pretty much a mix of KFC and Pizza Hut

I was going to try Pizza Hut but they are everywhere and this is probably a one off

Food arrives and not bad, I am glad I only ordered a medium as this takes some eating, 203 Baht and i am full.
Get the gdb file here …

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