Jan 052010

Kevin (Fishenough) invited me to go kayaking with him and his son Darren today so I thought why not, its not something that I have ever really done before

This dog came nosing around while we were getting ready

It was great fun and I found it easy going and didnt even get wet

The road on the other side that I have often rode down

It was calm water and not baking hot either which was a bonus

It was only halfway along the paddle home that it suddenly seemed like it was uphill and going against the current as my arms suddenly felt really tired, old age creeping up on me I guess

Many thanks Kevin and Darren for a very enjoyable time

I went for a two hour oil massage back in Chiang Mai for 360 Baht at this shop on the corner of the soi that goes down to Tuskers on Chaiyaphum Road

After that I felt refreshed, the girl in the yellow shirt, M, certainly knows what she is doing

Then a chicken jalfreizi and rice for food, I do eat rice sometimes but I prefer Indian food with it rather than Thai food

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