Dec 062009

I have had a two day break from riding having picked up a stomach bug so a few pictures from walking around town

The grounds of where I am staying

Thai dogs never change

It sure looks kinda cute there

Some views of the bridge

Now to the railway station

I walk into the station as a train is departing, trains are rather a rarity around these parts

The tourist special

This is being used in the sound and light show every evening right now

In a cold English winter perhaps a good place to be but in Thailand no way

Another steam train parked behind the first one

A war memorial

One of the war cemeteries

On my first ever trip to Thailand in february 1993 my Brother and I travelled here, I was 35 at the time and most of the graves were of younger people, what a waste of young lives

Back to my raft and some passing traffic

A chicken tikka masala and rice for dinner

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