Nov 222012

The Route 323, 3199, 3086, 3305

Total distance 112 km

Chicken fried with spicy and chilli was what the menu said and spicy it was too, 30 Baht

A couple of km along the 3199 and I stop at Wat Palaylaig at N14 07.334 E099 24.048

A few km further on I take a right onto an unnumbered road to carry on exploring and the rest of the day is new territory for me

The road is unpaved for a short section from N14 12.208 E099 20.226 to N14 12.167 E099 20.477

I reach a village and its the end of the paved road here

Riding back I take a left and the road turns to unpaved from N14 13.524 E099 19.303 to N14 13.587 E099 20.050

A coconut farm by the look of it

Fortunately I stopped for this photo before riding through and noticed the green algae on the bottom, I went through slowly but still nearly ended up sliding off, boy was that slippery

Lets go take a look here and its an unpaved surface from N14 13.743 E099 20.386 to N14 14.044 E099 20.474

Just before the car park for the waterfall is the My Rose Valley homestay/campsite

Pleasant surroundings and a nice owner here

Camping was 300 Baht per night or 400-600 for the huts.
The website is

Plus lots of friendly dogs.

Now to walk to the waterfall, apparently it takes 5 hours to reach all the levels and back again

I didnt bother walking any further

This is in the car park, perhaps its for vendors in the future

Another crossing but theres a bridge to use here if needed, I ride through the deeper clean side and no sliding here

Sod riding along that bit

Another offroad section from N14 11.481 E099 21.947

The water is running across the track and not the remains of the recent storms

Its a lovely dry surface out here again now and time to get back exploring more offroad tracks again

The road splits here, I leave a waypoint and take the right to head home, straight ahead will take me to a track I was on last week and will be explored later

Suddenly its single track across this iron bridge

Immediately over the bridge its a paved surface at N14 10.460 E099 25.891 which takes me to the 3199.
Here its a crossroads and I go across onto this unpaved track starting at N14 09.849 E099 25.908

Burning garbage, the track is now not showing as a track on my GPS but that lot got here by truck so this track should go through

I am really enjoying this out here today, the garbage truck comes along so definitely a way through

The first reservoir I have seen these last few days that wasnt overflowing.
The surface returns to paved at N14 08.649 E099 26.722 and I am in I guess the Air Force Grounds

No restaurant for food tonight, I call in to see Roger who has contacted me through my website inviting me to drop in to meet him and I am invited to eat there.
Very nice indeed, thank you Roger

Get the gdb file here …

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