Jan 312009

The route 324, 3443, 3488, 3086, 333, 3008, 5015, 3011, 4008, 3011, 5015, 3008, 333, 3086, 3398, 3199, 323

Total distance 427 km

It was a non stop ride along the 324, 3443, 3488, 3086 and the 333 to finally ride the 3008 which runs west to Phu Toei National Park

About fifteen kms north of Dan Chang I take a left onto the 3008

This is a mainly good road all the way to Phu Toei National park

I ride into the NP and the tarmac finishes after the entrance and its an easy going surface to start with

I ride to the peak then stop for some photos

Its certainly a nice view from this viewpoint

I have already rode six kms of a dusty bumpy rutted track and theres no point riding to the exit as I was there yesterday and it means riding another twelve kms of this crap surface, so I turn back

Finally back to tarmac, that road through the NP is for dual purpose bikes only

I ride back along the 3008 and take a left onto the 5015 which takes me to Ban Rai, here I head west along the 3011 for a few kms

Then its a left onto the 4008

This is a very pleasant road for its nine kms length

The 4008 finishes at Phu Wai Cave but I dont go inside today and turn around and about 1 km on the way back I take a right to visit Wat Tham Khao Wong

This place is stunningly beautiful, and the old tree trunks are perfectly blended in here

Someone sweated to get that flag up there

These stairs are a work of art, I really like the old bits for hand rails

In the middle of the picture I can see the fish jumping for the food from up here

What a disappointment the hand rail is here, obviously they must have run out of old wood

My turn to feed the fish now

This bridge is just something else. I am not really a Wat fanatic and it was just by chance that I happened upon this one today but what a great place this is.
The time was getting on when I left here so it was just a straight ride home, I stopped in Dan Chang for fuel and couldnt believe the queues on the forecourt, the boss told me fuel is going up tomorrow, about 1.5 Baht per litre and everyones filling everything right up. I couldnt get any gasohol here and stopped at about three on the way back before filling up when I finally found some. There were quite a few garages closed as they were totally dry, most garages will probably be empty tomorrow as a result of this

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