Nov 232012

The Route 323, 3305, 3228, 3455, 3021, 3457, 3199, 3086, 3305

Total distance 275 km

The riders

Roger BMW R1200C
Captain_Slash Kawasaki KLX 250

An early start this morning and round to Rogers house for a breakfast of toast and eggs which were delicious then we set off

Roger like myself doesnt live here all year round and it was the Bms first trip out for a while

Some shots from along the 3457 and good early morning views

No trains spotted today

Rogers bike is holding back and he wants to ride it home at high speed so we say our goodbyes and I carry on exploring a few new tracks out towards Nam Tok.
Thanks for breakfast Roger and the ride we got in together

Todays offroad started at N14 10.189 E099 06.278 to N14 10.463 E099 07.053 then again from N14 10.477 E099 07.400 to N14 09.973 E099 08.022

Back on the 3457 I take a left that goes back to the 323 and the offroad sections along here were N14 12.497 E099 07.595 to N14 12.494 E099 06.229
N14 12.785 E099 05.389 to N14 12.497 E099 07.595
N14 14.257 E099 09.499 to N14 13.790 E099 09.503

Riding back along the 3457 I take a side road off of it and a pleasant peaceful ride along here

A lot of turbulent hydropower water flowing along the river Kwai

I take a dirt track starting at N14 08.424 E099 24.823 but it only goes to a river with no way to cross so its an about turn

I try another concrete road off the 3199, this turns to dirt at N14 09.788 E099 25.621 and again at the river its an about turn, the GPS shows this track as going across but even if the crossing was intact I certainly wouldnt be riding on it

I take a paved road that leads me to that narrow iron bridge I was on yesterday, the surface turns to dirt at N14 10.460 E099 25.891, I ride on to my waypoint and to explore further along

A good place for a lunch break, I am feeling really tired today, I think the combination of late nights and early mornings are catching up with me so here its probably a half hour or more rest break and I only saw two people ride past in all that time.
Peace and tranquillity here thats for sure

A roadslip here

It was a bit narrow but riding across was definitely better then trying to push it across

Safely over and time to ride on, I noted that I never saw another vehicle or person along this track, something to think about should I try it again and drop the bike in the holes

Now on the bed of a dried up stream, I am surprised with all the recent rain that the surface is so dry, mind you I am not complaining

I reach a crossroads and its asphalt here starting at N14 15.612 E099 25.110
I turn right and ride for about 5 km then its another right and the surface returns to dirt at N14 14.732 E099 27.677

A fun ride along these easy dirt tracks.
I reach a paved surface at N14 11.524 E099 28.466 and thats the dirt finished for today

I really enjoyed the fettuccini bolognaise at the Jolly Frog a few days ago and have another one, 40 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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