Dec 012012

The route 323, 3199, 3398, 3086, 4015, 3480, 4031, 3011

Total distance 365 km

Yellow rice and chicken for breakfast 35 Baht then its another early start on a bright sunny morning

I ride north past Nong Prue then once on the 4015 its photo time

Now on an unnumbered road that takes me to the Lam Taphoen Reservoir, its great scenery along here and today is my first time riding here

Not quite full to capacity, my first visit to this reservoir

Now riding along the 4031

I have visited this small reservoir along here many times before

I have never seen this one full

Now to enjoy the delights of the wonderful 4031, its probably not a road that many of you will have ever been on but lucky old me has rode it quite a few times over the years.
Its got a good surface with plenty of bends, stunning scenery and these lovely rollercoasters too

The surface has never been paved for its entire length but each year I ride it some progress north has usually been made.
Its at least three years since I last rode here and now the surface turns to dirt at N15 02.065 E099 23.865 which is further north than last time

Looks like mud ahead

It most definitely is mud but pretty much the only bit on the 7km unpaved section

Further on and the surface becomes harder

Then its this unpleasant grooved rock that makes me go easy as I am a bit concerned about shredding the front tyre on it.
The surface is very uneven and bumpy for a short while and the fact its quite steep downhill doesnt help.
I remember doing this on the Bm and then the Phantom when there were lots of deep bulldust sections but these are now sealed with that lovely asphalt surface that I was riding on earlier

I reach the 3011 and the dirt finishes at N15 04.549 E099 25.219 and now I am on the 3011 and a lovely asphalt surface

Roadside at a scenic spot on the 3011, the sign says 360 m and my GPS nearly agrees with this displaying 362

I ride into Ban Tai for only the second time and now its a lovely asphalt surface all the way there.
On my previous trip on the Phantom it was partly surfaced with a section being upgraded but the rest was a narrower dirt track

A ride around the village

Then I take a dirt track starting at N15 09.879 E099 17.122

Just outside town is a small reservoir but I dont spend too much time looking around here as its now 1.30, the sky is clouding over and I have a 160 km ride back

A rideback through the water

A bit further upstream some kids are washing in the water

Back on the dirt section of the 4031 heading home

I take a couple of side detours on the ride back to add them to the map and the second one has good scenery along it

Sods law, I only oiled the chain just now after finishing the dirt section only to discover one of the side roads turns to dirt at N14 15.725 E099 23.573 until N14 49.326 E099 21.435

There is a further dirt section from N14 48.447 E099 21.141 to N14 47.583 E099 20.721 where it reaches the 4031.
A great fun ride today and I manage to get back home without encountering any rain today, I will return up along here tomorrow (weather permitting) as there are two new tracks to explore that I have yet to ride

Three pieces of this chicken plus two portions of sticky rice for 40 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Thanks Colin. The pictures are very pretty by themselves, but now it makes more sense. 😉 Now, back to mapping your tracks. If a historic market is your thing there is one in an unlikely place: Sam Chuk, right across the river from the 340 @ N14.75599 E100.09427. Lots of two-storey wooden shop houses and narrow alleys. It’s packed on weekends with Thai tourists and even the odd farang.
    Regards, Peter.

  2. Hopefully its fixed now Peter, span code keeps getting into the text sometimes, thanks for pointing it out

  3. Hi Colin,
    What happened to this page? The text is a little terse…

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