Mar 102011

The route 324, 3443, 3468, 3306, 333, 3011, 3282, 3438, 3456, 3504, 1072, 1117, 4048, 1139, 4003, 1116, 4001, 1110, 1108, 105/12

Total distance 522 km

I was on the road by 6.30 this morning as its a longs days ride between these two towns plus I was told last night to expect rain today

7.15 and the workers are already busy

A bit further along the road and at 7.30 the kids are on the way to school

This can be seen from a way and its the Sralongrue Temple at N14.21.157 E099.44.743

A fire is burning and a sugar cane crop is blazing away

I have seen this crop ablaze many times before and often wondered if its deliberate as no one seems concerned about it

A good road surface and some bends too

I was expecting haze and smoke today but no theres new grass growing, theres been some rain here recently thats for sure

The only water here now is whats flowing in from the recent heavy rains

The reservoir is nearly empty

It should be easier to catch the fish now as theres not much water for them to hide in

For a good way today I see evidence of recent heavy rain

Theres more water in this river today than when I rode here two months ago

I have been looking forward to GPSing this short cut of mine as lots of people ask about it and to my embarrassment I took a wrong turn today, I must have been on auto pilot.
I took a left onto the 4048 at N16.16.688 E099.21.122 onto this nice new asphalt road thinking that I was on the 1139 and it was a few km before I realised my mistake but as it loops round and joins the other end of the 1139 it didnt really matter, plus at least I now know where the 1139 goes to

Some good roads along here and a much better route than hwy 1

A bridge is being rebuilt/repaired

I wonder if it was a casualty of the rainy season

Its been a nice day so far and only looked like rain a few times but once on the 105/12 it rains about halfway to Mae Sot and stays like it until I get there, I check in at Smile House as usual for 100 Baht at N16.42.772 E098.33.601

Then its off to Krua Canadian at N16.42.943 E098.34.169 and the beef fajitas for 140 Baht, a great meal and my first Mexican food for four months, I must put that right once back in CNX

Followed by this for 65 Baht also at Krua Canadian
Get the gdb file here …

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