Jan 162011

The route 3158, 3398, 3086, 6030, 3480, 4041, 3199

Total distance 307 km

The view from my room on a floating raft on the river Kwai at 8 am this morning

I head out of town along the 3158 and some flowers along here

Along the 6030 and these kids are trying to get some small twigs with leaves from the tree

The hills are beckoning in the distance

Along the 3480, a twisty fun road

I see quite a few big bikes out here today, my favourite loop has been discovered

Near the start of the brilliant 4041

This is what the 4041 is all about, it climbs and it twists, I peaked at about 835 metres today compared to about 30 metres here in town

I can see the start of the Srinagarindra Reservoir

Now I am on the 3199, an equally twisty fun road

Its a sunday and some Thais are out here enjoying a picnic

The best section of the 3199 is between the ferry ports as most vehicles take it leaving the road for me

Todays trip is my favourite loop in the Kanchanaburi area, its an awesome ride, perfect for motards

Sunrise restaurant for food tonight at N14.02.393 E099.30.632

Half English breakfast plus chips and coffee for 150 Baht.
Get the gdb file here …

  6 Responses to “Kanchanaburi-The 4041 Si Sawat Loop”

  1. No Mark I have not

  2. Have you ever crossed the water to the huay mae khamin waterfall? My wife runs a homestay in Nong Prue and we are looking for a stop over near huay mae khamin. Erawan was a big disappointment, far too many cellphones. Any idea if it is possible to loop through to Sangklaburi and the 323, I think it is?

  3. Hi Neil

    Thanks for the compliments, glad to hear the site is useful.

    Enjoy your trip but sadly we wont meet up as I am in the UK working until october



  4. Thanks for the plethora of ride reports mate. You make it hard for us to decide which way we will travel through Thailand next week.

    Might have to hunt you down and say G’day and buy you a beer?




  5. I have never stayed in Si Sawat only just rode through so I am sorry but I cant help you there



  6.  May I  know a hotel name which are you stay in Si Sawat

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