Dec 052012

The route 3305, 3209, 5010, 4028, 4019, 4020, 3087

Total distance 265 km

Along the 4028 and hoping to find a dirt track to link up with the 4020

The surface turns to dirt at N13 47.122 E099 16.829 and soon becomes this narrow overgrown single track so I turn around

A roadside reservoir along the 4019

I take a right onto dirt at N13 42.625 E099 12.269 to look for a reservoir but nothing found

At N13 42.754 E099 12.387 I take a dirt track that links up to the 4020

Quite a few of these but not a problem for the KLX

I reach asphalt at N13 39.769 E099 15.363 and take the 4020 back to the 4019

I take a paved road towards the border and this turns to dirt at N13 39.074 E099 11.809

Just before this small reservoir

The obligatory helicopter pad

The GPS is showing I am near the border and this looks like the end of the road

It doesnt look very inviting inside the gate

I take the road to Khao Krajom which turns to dirt at N13 33.855 E099 12.513 and this spot here is as far as I have gone before but today I ride further

I watch a 4WD go through and the water is about 0.5 m deep

This was a better option to get across the water, some very deep puddles along here and one fills my boots up with water while I go through it standing on the footrests

The track splits in two and I take the left which was the wrong one and here close to the border its getting very muddy and slippery indeed

Theres my goal but some pillock in a 4WD has got it stuck going up the steep part and I cant get past, its too late in the day now to hang around so I turn back, I doubt if there was more to see anyway

Time to ride home after riding some more new tracks today

Chicken and rice 40 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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