Dec 072012

The route 3305, 3228, 3209, 4011, 4035, 4020, 3087, 4064, 6007

Total distance 281 km

Along an unknown road between the 4035 and the 4020

I turn off the 4020 onto dirt at N13 36.093 E099 18.360

The track is now overgrown and unused

These tell me it doesnt go through to Suan Phueng like I hoped it did

Time to ride back then

Everywhere around the Suan Phueng area these new resort places have sprung up in the three years since I last rode here.
Back then there were some under construction but nothing like it is now, the downside is theres lots of dust as lorries are running plus road upgrades.

I take a side road towards the Burma border and this turns to dirt at N13 27.728 E099 14.794

To my surprise right at the border is this but I guess its camping up here for people rather than just catering for the border Police

This dog was really camera shy and nothing would get it to look up

From there you are not permitted to take vehicles but can walk 200 metres to this spot

Its very relaxed here and I dont get an escort but I guess nobody can cross into that remote place

A couple of shots from the helicopter landing pad

Time to ride back along this stony track

I ride on and my next dirt section starts at N13 23.208 E099 15.248 and leads to a reservoir

I ride to the end of the reservoir then turn around and ride back to the paved surface.
Another dirt section from N13 26.465 E099 16.690 to N13 28.822 E099 17.495

There were some monkeys playing roadside by this river but the sight of the camera seemed to scare them away

On the ride back I encounter a couple of dirt sections, from N13 37.315 E099 22.873 to N13 37.940 E099 23.146 and from N 13 39.662 E099 23.251 to N13 39.821 E099 23.682

Burning taking place out there

A small reservoir that I came to find and now to ride home

Pork ribs steamed in Chinese herbs was what it said on the Jolly Frogs menu, it didnt look very appetising but it was a very nice meal indeed, 66 Baht including the rice

Get the gdb file here …

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