Dec 062012

The route 3305, 3228, 3209, 5010, 4019, 4020, 3087, 4064, 4035, 3061, 4011

Total distance 216 km

Todays dirt starts along the 4019 at N13 46.852 E099 15.102 in another attempt to ride south to the 4020

The GPS shows the track going a bit further but not through to join up with the one I need

A fair few water crossings along here

I have run off the track now but as long as I can carry on heading east for another 1 km I will meet the track running north to south that I need

I was expecting to have been on my way back by now, instead I found this stunning scenery

100 metres past here and I meet the track I need, north theoretically would take me to where I turned around on the single track yesterday morning, something to try another day.
I head south and after a couple of km I am at the village where this track joins the one I rode through on yesterday

Ban Tham Hin, approaching it today from a different direction the first thing I noticed was the large amounts of razor wire everywhere and thought this is strange

As I get to the entrance I saw yesterday I stop and see if I can get in, I was promptly told no entry.
I return to the paved surface at N13 39.769 E099 15.363

One more short dirt section today starting at N13 38.205 E099 12.945

A small slightly overflowing reservoir

I was hoping to ride through there to return to the road and wondered why the gates were locked

Then I saw the reason why, there was no alternative but to ride back the way I rode in

Pretty much everything is overflowing but I noticed a river that was quite high with muddy brown water a week or so ago has now really subsided

I visit the Kaochon Waterfall at N13 31.497 E099 14.353

Lots of happy smiling people here today

Trying out some new roads on the way back this load comes along

Another fun days exploring and the biggest surprise was arriving back at my room and seeing I had rode 216 km today including some offroad and the fuel light still hadnt come on.
Yesterday morning I inflated the tyres a bit and am running the back at 27 instead of 22 psi, perhaps this has helped a bit

Chicken steak in mushroom sauce with fries for 65 Baht at Jolly Frog, filling and lovely, this place just cant be beaten for value in town

Get the gdb file here …

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  1. All those lost kilos have to help with fuel economy too!

    Fantastic photos Colin, thanks. So enjoy reading your trip reports with my morning coffee; well it was -28 c this morning here, with the normal de-icing and snow removal needed before driving.

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