Jan 152008
  1. I rode out to Dan Makham Tia this morning then took the right, heading west the road is signposted the 5010, after a few kms the 5010 forks right and I take the left which is the 5024, there are plenty of the blue signs displaying the number heading west but yesterday I did not see a single one heading east on this road

    28 km out of Dan Makham Tia there is a checkpoint, here I turn left onto the 4019

    This is a good quality road with lots of bends

    Its a shame its so hazy down here the photos are not so good now

    This rather pleasant looking place is out here by itself

    I reach a small village and stop for a snack, there is a turning here on the left , the 4020 signposted to Ban Tham Hin so I go for a look

    Its a nice road but 2.5 km later it turns to unmade so its a u turn

    I am back on the 4019 heading on when I passs this orchid place so I stop for a look

    I come to a T junction, both ways is the 3087, I go right

    3 kms later its time to turn around

    There is a turn to the left that says Pha Pok so I ride there

    There is a new piece of road heading uphill that wasnt here last visit so its off to explore, I think this bit will definitely collapse in the wet season

    I have ascended a fair way here

    3.5 km later I reach the end of the tarmac, theres just this guy here working

    The track carries on into the hills but I have no desire to go any further

    I head back and stay on the 3087 to Suan Phueng then to Chom Bueng where the only 7-11 in this area south of Kanchanaburi is, then its the 3274, 3209,3228 and 3305 back home

    Looking at my home from the bridge

    You can just see the River Kwai bridge from here

    The 6007 heading south, this road terminates at Nong Ta Dang and another offshot goes as far as Ban Huai Nam Nak

    Its already dry out in this part of Thailand and I have seen a fair bit of burnt countryside already

    Its a good twisty road this one

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