Dec 082009

The route 3228, 3209, 3274, 4025, 3087, 4019, 5024, 5010, 3209, 3228

Total distance 240 km

Crossing over the bridge right by where I stay

My floating raft in the middle of the picture

I take the 3228, 3209 and the 3274 towards Chom Bueng then its a right onto the 4025

Plenty of cabbages and spring onions along here

At the t junction with the 3087 its a right onto it

All the roads around Kanchanaburi seem to be in good condition and fun to ride on

Past Suan Phueng and I notice new resorts springing up everywhere that werent here in my last years visit, this wall looks odd with bits of the brickwork that havent been rendered or painted over

On this wall even the bits not rendered have been painted over

Nice looking place even if I will never be staying here

Great views from here too

Another new resort in Ban Phapok a few km further on, the Manageress here spoke English and when I asked about all the new resorts she said that Suan Phueng is very popular with Thais as the temperature is similar to Chiang Mai and its only two hours from Bangkok

This place next door looks fantastic to me

The chimney is very appealing to my eye

Time to ride on and enjoy this lovely road

I take a steep climb up out of Ban Phapok to a beauty spot

I ride up to the flat spot and park up, four wheel drives are going up a steep rocky track but I decide not to

Time to go back down this dusty track, but thankfully its only 500 metres back to tarmac

Another new place

A reservoir thats overflowing

Another new resort in the making, I wonder who might be here

Ive definitely seen these two characters before somewhere

I take the 4019 out of Ban Phapok heading north

A few km along here and there are some monkeys that I have never seen here before

As I am taking this photo a truck with three Thais stops and they get out with a few bunches of bananas for the monkeys

One of them gives me a bunch and thats it, I am instantly surrounded by new friends

Time to go and enjoy the 4019, theres never hardly traffic on it at all, today I am riding this route in the reverse direction to usual but its as enjoyable as always and a real good road to ride on

I reach the 5024 and turn right onto it, another great fun road, this leads to the 5010 which takes me to Dan Makham Tia then its the 3209 and then the 3228 home

While I am waiting for my dinner to be cooked I get a dinner partner turn up, but doesnt stay long, good as I had no intention of sharing

My chicken tandoori arrives with the garlic naan, 205 Baht for this lot and well worth it too

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