Nov 212012

The Route 3228, 3209, 5010, 4019, 4020, 4035, 4025, 3274, 4011

Total distance 225 km

Chicken with garlic and ginger for breakfast at my usual for 30 Baht, apart from the first morning when my breakfast arrived covered in the green shite no complaints about the food here at all, its a bit away from the tourist strip so authentic spicy food here

A shot of the river Kwai from over the bridge

Just out of town on the 3228 there is another war cemetery that I was not aware of

Beautifully kept just like the others are

Now on the 4019 to carry on exploring southwards from town

Its been three years since I last rode here and I am amazed at the amount of resorts that have been put up along this road, I am guessing that they are preparing for the future AH123 motorway which is easily accessible from here

The fake 7-11 sign says Love

I take a right onto an unnumbered asphalt road that as it steeply climbs is covered with runoff from the recent storms

The surface turns to dirt at N13 41.106 E099 11.145

A lot of derelict vehicles left here

Inside the buildings apart from the animal excrement everything looked unused

Finally a sign of life and some workers live here

The view from the temple

I ride on and I think this old track was the way to the border

Theres four of these which I guess were the old border crossing checkpoint

Definitely nobody here now

I ride on along a different track and meet this soldier doing his laundry who tells me to ride on further

Thats as far as the bike goes and I walk about 50 metres

This was the end of the road for a vehicle

I walk on for about 30 metres but no vehicle would have a path to stay on so time to walk back

I guess these steps lead up to an army camp at the border

Its not too difficult a climb

At the border

On the ride back down and another shot of the old buildings through the trees

As I stop I hear the sound of running water

Back on the 4019 and more new resorts

I turn left onto a dirt track to ride to a reservoir but here its water flowing in rather then out

I ride further along the 4019 then take another left at N13 39.461 E099 12.684 onto a dirt track to ride to the overflow

Sure enough its overflowing

The GPS shows a track going right around the reservoir but it get too overgrown, I return to asphalt at N13 39.296 E099 13.106 and I am now on the 4020

Its been probably 5 years since I last rode the 4020 and then it was only asphalt for a few km off the 4019 but now its asphalt for its entire length

With some good curves along the way, I notice some dirt tracks going off one of which my GPS shows as linking up with the 4019, more to try when its dried out a bit

I am crossing the river by bridge while the dog goes through the water

No water retention this year from that weir

No such problems with this one though

I ride the 4020 to where it mets the 3087 at Suan Phueng then turn around and ride back about 3 km before taking a right onto an unnumbered road that is new to me as well, this meets the 4035 which is another new road for me.
I ride back home from here after a day riding in the dry, despite hearing thunder it didnt rain where I was

A couple of shots from the 4025

Along the 4011 and this building was being built on my last ride here, three years on and still not finished

Lots of brown water in the rivers out here now

My delicious meal, 40 Baht at the night market

Get the gdb file here …

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