Nov 162012

The Route 323, 3001, 2020, 3086, 3157, 3398,

Total distance 171 km

First thing this morning was to change my accommodation, I am now at Sugarcane Guesthouse 1 at 22 Soi Pakistan N14 01.973 E099 31.171

I have a room but not on the raft

A double room with fan plus my own private toilet/shower for 3000 Baht for the month, plus the maid service included, the price soon came down when I asked about paying for the month

Now off to the market for some fruit and onions

This gentleman was only too happy to point me in the direction of a Muslim restaurant for breakfast, I already have the address written down in Thai for more food in the evenings that a Muslim girl selling rotis gave me last night

This looks like my breakfast restaurant on the main highway at N14 02.445 E099 30.942

One side of the menu is the food in English

And to my surprise its in Malaysian on the other side

Yellow rice with chicken which was good and only 35 Baht

I feel refreshed enough for a ride today but its too late for a long one.
I head north out of town on an unnumbered road that I remember turning to dirt if you keep on northwards and today is the day to explore it

It still does turn to dirt at N14 08.072 E099 32.342

A lot of chillies growing along here+

Back to a shiny new surface at N14 09.827 E099 34.839

Its a lovely scenic ride today and its mostly new roads for me as well which is an added bonus

Fishing out in the fields where the crop is growing

Now heading east on another unnumbered road and I get my second stretch of dirt starting at N14 15.683 E099 24.845

Its a mixed bag along here, now riding through the rape fields

Then sugarcane

Quickly followed by a ride through the woods

The surface returns to asphalt at N14 20.573 E099 25.486 and I ride on into Bo Phloi, here I take the 3086 and take a left to try out another track, this turns to dirt at N14 10.928 E099 29.957 and I ride on until theres a long deep slippery stretch of water.
Its gone 4 pm and no time to get stuck as no one else seems to be using this track so its an about turn

I ride back and once back on the paved I turn left onto a dirt track at N14 11.057 E099 29.818 and this takes me to the 3398.
I take a left onto the 3157 which is a reasonably wide well surfaced road that has a couple of short dirt sections from N14 09.562 E099 31.003 to N14 09.466 E099 31.263 and again from N14 09.527 E099 31.870.
It returns to dirt at N14 09.439 E099 33.337 and joins up with a dirt track I was on earlier and from here I ride back towards home reaching asphalt at the point where my dirt adventure started today at N14 08.072 E099 32.342.
I explore another couple of paved roads then ride home

Now to try out the food from where the roti girl sent me, this is the night market outside the TMB at N14 01.268 E099 31.981

That looks like what I had for breakfast this morning

Theres more on that plate than it looks like and I was stuffed after eating it, 40 Baht and it was delicious too

Get the gdb file here …

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