Jan 122008
It was out on the 3199 to Si Sawat again this morning

I came across this apparently dying animal between the two ferry ports, I thought it had been in an accident but I flagged down a Songthaew and the occupants all said its old and dying, it tried to get up a couple of times but couldnt, nothing I could do for it

Usually I try to get a shot of empty roads but a vehicle on this road is a bit like a train on the northern line, not very often, so I got one whilst I could. The upside of doing this trip again today meant that apart from these two photos I just rode and had a good blast especially on the deserted stretch

I get to the end of the 3199 and now its the 4041, what I didnt mention yesterday is that the 4041 is now tarmac further than before

The only fly in the ointment on this road is a few landslides havent been properly cleared up

This is about the longest stretch of straight road I will encounter for the next 25 km

Stunning scenery here and a brilliant road too

Its no exaggeration to say that signs like these are closer together than 7-11s in Bangkok

If only a road sweeper could be sent along this road we would have the ultimate race track in Thailand its that good

Even one of the locals is enjoying it

Apart from the debris this road is perfect, its all top quality tarmac and during todays ride I didnt encounter a serious pothole all day

Well Mark is this road okay for your motards?

What a view, I seriously thought that perhaps I should have kept this road quiet and just taken the occasional high paying tourist out on it as a treat, but hey I am too generous

If you have a weak heart or your idea of fun is watching paint dry then stay off the 4041, you wont enjoy it and you will be a hindrance to real riders

Wow a long enough straight to possibly get into 4th gear, a luxury today

I finally come down from the heights and suddenly this looks boring, I have been spoilt today thats for sure

Then it gets twisty and interesting again. I realise that from the end that joins the 3480 its not new tarmac but as I didnt have my Thinknet maps when I did this trip last year I didnt even know it existed to explore from the other end

This road does not fail to excite for its entire 80 km length

Unfortunately it had to end and it ends with a T junction with the 3480, I take the right turn

It doesnt take me long to realise that this is also a great road too

I am really having fun today and if it stays like this back to Kanchanaburi it will be magic

After 20 km I take a right onto the 6030 which should run parallel to the 3086 and join it to the south of Bo Phloi

This has the makings of a decent road as well, no traffic and reasonable scenery

After 17 km its a T junction I go right and after 2 km its a village and an unmade road out of it so I back track and take the other option. This is heading too much to the east for my liking and sure enough its comes out onto the 3086 at Non Gree, I will look for the other end another day. I take the 3086 back to Kanchanaburi, what a fantastic day, I have ridden three new roads today the 4041, the 6030 and the 3480. The problem now is I dont know where the hell I can top this find, I certainly wont be finding another gem like this one out here. I rode 310 km today and if you say starting from the big hydropower dam to the end of the 3480 you have about 180 km of a racetrack with stunning scenery

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  1. Hi John

    I probably wont be in Kanchanaburi this trip.

    On last years stay there I met and rode with Roger who is also from the UK, he rides a 1200 BMW and might be interested in riding out with you.


  2. Hi Capt. I did this trip yet again last week and agree with you that it takes some beating. To have roads like this in my back yard, is awesome. Thinking back to my rides around the midlands (Derbyshire and Northants) I realise just how lucky I am to live in Kanchanaburi. I have only just found your website and intend to read more of it. If your ever my way again, if you wish give, me a shout and I would gladly ride out with.

  3. Hi Klaus

    Yes the road is open and paved all the way and a nice ride too

  4. Hi
    Very nice and informativ Page you have there .
    I planning a Trip Phuket -Chiang Mai start on 2.1.2013 and wont include the 4041
    But Bascamp with Thai Streetmap 2010 don’t let me include the entire 4041.
    The Road all the Way from Si Sawat to the 3480 is in the Map but if i plan the Route it make a U-turn right where the Road come close to
    the Huai Mae Phlu and send me all the way back down and over the 3086/3480 up to the 4041 from the other Side .
    From your Report /Pics i think the Road is open and its paved all the Way .
    Can you please confirm that .
    Best regards

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