Jan 112008
Today it was out of Kanchanaburi on the 3199 to Si Sawat and back

Its a bit busy on this road until you get out of town a fair way then it quietens down

It starts to get hilly after the first dam

This is the dam they keep on about being built on a fault line, it would certainly be a spectacular but deadly sight if it did collapse

I call in to take a look where the ferry cuts off about 25 km of road work, I carry on and ride around, I came here to ride bikes not travel on boats

The road narrows a bit after the ferry port but the upside is I have seldom encountered another vehicle between here and the other ferry port

After a few kms there is a small stream where it is a pleasant place to stop for a break, there is evidence that people come here for a barbecue/picnic at times

This is one of the twistiest roads that I know of

Its probably best to describe this road as one continuous curve and constant hills as well, a 200 metre straight is probably the longest straight on this road between the two ferry ports

This would be an ideal super motard road, are you listening Mr Rossi?

This should ensure that a few more of you venture out here

5 km after Si Sawat I come to Ban Dong Salao and here the road becomes the 4041 and carries on for about 20 km before turning into a hard packed surface

A nice landslide here, there are a few of them as I go further along the 4031

I turn around as its 15.30 and 167 km of twisty roads to ride home so it will be a 6pm finish today

Todays ride was just great, it is a great well surfaced road the entire way with next to no traffic once you get past the Erawan turn off.
I found out something great today and tomorrows ride will take in a new road with stunning corners and scenery. I sampled a bit of it but if I give any directions away David will ride down here tonight and get there before me in the morning. So watch out for part 2 tomorrow

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