Jan 232009

The route 323, 3199

Total distance 270 km

I took the 323 heading west out of town then at the crossroads it was straight over onto the 3199

A few kms out of town is this Buddah statue and above it at the top is a building but after much looking and riding around I concluded that there is no road to the top

Once away from the built up area the 3199 is a great riding road

I look in at the ferry port but have no interest in using it as the best section of the 3199 is between the two ferry ports plus you seldom see another vehicle along here

There is not much greenery out here and its a hot day, I have heard people say that Kanchanaburi is about the hottest province in Thailand, whether this is true or not I dont know

From the viewpoint overlooking Si Sawat

I ride through Si Sawat and down to the edge of the reservoir, this is the reservoir that they are worried about as the dam is built on a fault line. If it ever goes this will take weeks to empty and apparently Bangkok would be flooded as a result as its that big a capacity

Its time to ride back and enjoy this great road again

I ride back exactly the same way as I rode out

Its Ali Bongos again tonight as now the menu has been expanded to do non Indian food, tonights food is a tasty hot spicy Mexican wrap, all this filling very delicious meal for 99 Baht. Its about 1 foot, 30cm long

The wrap menu


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  1. Hi Jez

    I use a Garmin GPSmap 60Cx but these have now been replaced by the 62 series.

    I have asked our GPS and mapping guru this question, also how much as they are a lot cheaper in the US if you have a way of getting one from there.
    I will reply when I hear back from him



  2. Hi Captain,i’ve been getting excited looking at your riding routes,i spend 4 months a year in Kanchanaburi and am going to buy myself a Trail bike next month and try some of your routes,what is the cheapest/best satnav for all the trails and roads around Thailand? Which one do you use? should i buy it in the uk before i go out there?, Cheers,Jez

  3. great road have ridden it many times

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